Which tax filing service is best?

TurboTax by Intuit is our clear favorite for good reason. The software combines tax experience and a simple user experience with an accessible interface. These are the best tax filing software programs. After reviewing the features above, we ordered our recommendations based on the best overall tax return, second place, free tax software, the most affordable, and the best guarantee of accuracy.

TaxAct offers all users, regardless of their level, free access to its Xpert Assist tax assistance service until April 7.Whether you're new to filing taxes or an experienced professional, the user experience is crucial to completing and submitting your return quickly and without frustration. Their help topics were often only linked to IRS publications or were full of tax jargon, and the tedious interface made us somehow miss the introduction of some key forms, such as the one on dividend income. However, some of those free options only include your federal tax return; from time to time you'll have to pay more to file state tax returns. He has more than a basic W-2 form (for example, he has itemized deductions and investment income) and is comfortable filing his own taxes, but thinks he might need a little help here and there.

We especially liked the TurboTax Tool Center, which allows you to go to any form, delete a form, view your tax summary and delete everything to start over, features that many tax programs don't offer. When I was self-employed for several clients and ran my own business, preparing my taxes required most of the weekend, sometimes two weekends, plus lots of emails back and forth with tax professionals to clarify some details. As you prepare your tax return, TurboTax Deluxe offers many useful tools, such as explanatory videos, questionnaires to help you identify tax deductions and credits, and explanations of why you might owe taxes. You can securely email your tax return to a customer care specialist for practical help and resolve an issue within a week.