Why Choose Us

Flexible Fee Schedule

One of our most liked and appreciated feature is our flexible fee schedule! We are offering a flat fee for straightforward cases. Families and an individual can now enjoy our tax return preparation and services at a price as low as, “ $40”. In most case, there will be no additional charges. However, we reserve a right for charging for any additional work needed to be done for the preparation and the submission of the returns.


The Best CPAs

Yes! we have the best CPAs available in town. Even smallest tasks we handle are executed with the help of qualified CPAs. Not only is this, but we have chartered accountants who come with qualification in multiple disciplines as “heads” of different departments. We are a company that focuses more on the quality. Let us tell you – we are the only company operating in this sector with having an operative, “QC” department. Stay assured – your case will be handled by a true professional.


Genuine Programs

We are an accounting company with visions. We don’t consider and use anything less than the “best”. As far as our accounting services are available we are using the best accounting software programs just like, “Quickbooks”. Our propriety programs help us in connecting with the client’s resources swiftly and quickly. This also makes it possible for clients the quick and real-time access to the work we do.