What You Must Have In Your Accounting Website

What You Must Have In Your Accounting Website

Just like any other service business, people will visit accounting firms’ websites to determine whether or not the business is credible. For that reason, there are a few elements that the website must have to entice new clients, improve the retention of older clients and also improve brand authority. Here are some of the basics that every accounting firm website must have.

  1. Elements Of Credibility

Unlike other service companies, an accounting firm can’t post a list of the clients on the website as a show of competence. However, they should establish credibility to entice new clients effortlessly. Some elements of credibility that should be present in every accounting firm’s website include the following.

  • Mentions of any awards or honors given to the personnel or the firm as a whole.
  • Any press mentions of the firm or its personnel.
  • Links to articles written by the personnel in major publications.
  • Details on the accomplishments and educational background of the personnel.
  • Information regarding the growth and stability of the firm such as the years of operation, number of offices and acquisitions over the time the firm has been in business.
  1. Engaging And Authoritative Content

Most accounting firms face the challenge of finding the right balance between accuracy and readability of their site’s content. To get there, you need to understand the people who will be reading your content. For instance, if your firm works with corporate clients, a formal and technical style is recommended for the content. However, those dealing with middle market individuals, simple styles are recommended.

Here the content will leave out any jargon that might intimidate the target audience. Keep in mind that most internet users scan instead of reading the content because they need to absorb the message faster. If you can provide that basic element, more people will stay on the site and explore. You can make the content engaging and authoritative in the following ways.

  • Use short paragraphs, especially 5 lines or less.
  • Use subheadings to break the texts and make sure they have the important points written in very plain language.
  • Any complex ideas should be conveyed using charts, graphs and much more.
  • You can include links leading to more detailed information, especially for any visitors who are looking to do some serious research.

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